【FSE NTUST EMI Support Team】2023-2024 (2nd Semester) NTUST EMI Student Needs Analysis

Dear students,

Greetings! We believe many students still have lingering thoughts and ideas to share about the various activities organized by the Fulbright EMI Support Team in the previous semester. As the new semester approaches, in order to better provide support for students in EMI courses and enhance the suitability and effectiveness of our activity planning, we kindly ask for your assistance in filling out the following form.

The survey is anonymous, so please feel free to share your thoughts.
Click the bottom of the link

The first round of responses will be accepted until 2024/ 2/ 16(Friday) at 5 PM.
Bonus: The first 30 students who complete the survey can receive free snacks on 2024/ 2/ 19(Monday) on the International Building 10 Floor Fulbright EMI Office !

We look forward to seeing you all when the new semester begins!

Best, Fulbright EMI Support Team- May Mei

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