English Improvement Program
OLPC Online Course Content

The top choice for preparing for the TOEIC test

The only official TOEIC-designed course

The content is designed by the TOEIC test development organization, Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States, and is the only official online course.

Provides TOEIC practice questions

It includes 1000 mock exam questions, and enables users to become familiar with TOEIC test questions and master answering techniques.

OLPC improves your English skills comprehensively

Simulate International English Communication Scenarios

Providing courses on international communication scenarios such as business, tourism, entertainment, etc.

Progressive curriculum is suitable for all types of students.

We offer course planning for English language learners at both beginner and advanced levels.

Six advantages

ETS® official online course

The course content is designed by ETS®, the developer of the TOEIC® test, and is the only official online preparation course.

Contextual thematic classification

The thematic units cover international English communication contexts, and each unit includes five major practice components: listening, reading, grammar and pronunciation, and testing.

Flexible Course Schedule

Learners can plan their own learning schedule and purchase courses that are suitable for their level and learning hours. They can access the courses online anytime, and have the flexibility to arrange their own practice time.

Progressive curriculum with levels

By utilizing previous TOEIC® test scores or level tests to understand their proficiency level, learners can choose courses that are suitable for their level (M1: Intermediate, M2: Upper-Intermediate, M3: Advanced) and progressively accumulate their English proficiency. Please visit our website to learn more about the levelled curriculum.

mock exam

With up to 1,000 authentic TOEIC® test questions and course audio that close to real test scenarios, learners can improve their familiarity with the test.

Exclusive Ability Analysis Report

After class, learners will receive a learning achievement report that highlights their strengths and weaknesses in English proficiency. Suggestions for learning directions and key points for improving their abilities will also be provided.

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